Silence. And all the whims, unwritten lines and unspoken dialogues appear in daydreams. Did the story really end? Or it is that the words have just ceased to show their visibility in pen and paper or the giant screen? Each novel is not a road but a journey. Each movie is a chapter and not the entire book of life. The last four minutes in a movie are not the concluding dialogues but the prologue to fantasy- as perceived in the heart and minds of the audience.
Calling to a thousand hearts and whispering in their daydreams,
Pushing the gloom to rise up into break of cry,
Encouraging a laugh of joy to hug his comrade
And watching the last moonbeams to fade into the east,
The voice would be US.
Two undergraduate students, Aryama and Pranjal, intend to share their views on some of the genius creation in movies and novels with certain exclusive pieces of information. Let’s hear the “sound of SILENCE”!